We wish to inform customers that we will be closed for the Christmas/New Year break from 3pm on Friday 18 December 2015 and Opening fully on Monday 11 January 206 at 8am.

Tonia, our massage therapist will have limited appointments over the xmas and new year perid prior to the clinic fully opening and we will regularly check messages and take appointments during the week of 4 – 8 January 2015.

Shaun, Tonia, Lynda, Andrea and Philippa would like to thank you for trusting us with your injuries and ailments in 2015.

We wish you all a relaxing and safe Christmas holiday season and would be happy to assist you further in 2016.

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I have been working as a Surgeon in Wanganui. Listening and caring for patients post surgery has brought me to the awareness of medium and long term postoperative pain. Accelerated wound healing has been an interest all my career. Laparoscopic surgery has reduced tissue damage. Fenzian treatment has fascinated me as a new modality of treatment and has helped patients with post operative pain.

Gerard Bonnet (MBChB, MS, FCS), Specialist General and Laparoscopic Surgeon, Wanganui Polyclinic, 163 Wicksteed Street

“I had chronic ulceration in my lower legs and was advised by a surgeon to contact Shaun Hogan Osteopath for Fenzian Treatment.

With the Fenzian Treatment, chronic pain has disappeared within two days of treatment. The Fenzian Treatment has relieved me of pain and greatly improved healing in my lower legs.”

Jean Wright, Marton

“I chased all over town trying to get my calf fixed and Shaun located the issue in my knee! This guy knows his stuff”.

Moana - Aramoho, Whanganui