Osteopathic Services

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a drug free, non-invasive manual medicine, focusing on total body health. Osteopaths achieve this by focusing on the relationship between the structure and function of the body as a whole, which includes the joints, muscles and spine. The aim of Osteopathy is to have a positive affect on the body’s nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems, and overcome the causes of pain and imbalance in the body.

Osteopathic Treatment

Osteopathic treatment is “hands on”, gentle and efficient whilst minimising the number of visits required. The Osteopathic holistic approach ensures that your Osteopath will never focus on one area, but all regions relating to your condition.

Osteopaths treat back pain, headaches, migraines, concussion, neck pain, sciatica, sports injuries, joint pain and dysfunction, nerve pain, pregnancy related pain, frozen shoulder, neuromuscular pain, and abdominal conditions.

Your Appointment

During your first visit, Shaun will take a thorough medical history to ensure a safe and effective treatment. A physical examination and treatment will follow. If an injury, Shaun will assess you for ACC at your fist appointment, which will reduce the client fee.

Initial Consultation: 45 mins
Subsequent Consultation: 30 min


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I have been working as a Surgeon in Wanganui. Listening and caring for patients post surgery has brought me to the awareness of medium and long term postoperative pain. Accelerated wound healing has been an interest all my career. Laparoscopic surgery has reduced tissue damage. Fenzian treatment has fascinated me as a new modality of treatment and has helped patients with post operative pain.

Gerard Bonnet (MBChB, MS, FCS), Specialist General and Laparoscopic Surgeon, Wanganui Polyclinic, 163 Wicksteed Street

“I had chronic ulceration in my lower legs and was advised by a surgeon to contact Shaun Hogan Osteopath for Fenzian Treatment.

With the Fenzian Treatment, chronic pain has disappeared within two days of treatment. The Fenzian Treatment has relieved me of pain and greatly improved healing in my lower legs.”

Jean Wright, Marton

“I chased all over town trying to get my calf fixed and Shaun located the issue in my knee! This guy knows his stuff”.

Moana - Aramoho, Whanganui

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