Testimonials – Shaun Hogan

“I thought I was going to have to sell my farm until I came to see Shaun Hogan at Hogan Osteo Plus. Now, I am walking like I am 20 years younger and have a whole new outlook on life”

Tania Chisholm, 2014

“I had chronic ulceration in my lower legs and was advised by a surgeon to contact Shaun Hogan Osteopath for Fenzian Treatment. With the Fenzian Treatment, chronic pain has disappeared within two days of treatment. The Fenzian Treatment has relieved me of pain and greatly improved healing in my lower legs.”

Jean Wright, Marton, 2014

“I chased all over town trying to get my calf fixed and Shaun located the issue in my knee! This guy knows his stuff”.

Moana, Aramoho

I have had a shoulder injury for the last 3 years and had received treatment from a chirpractor for 9 years but found that treatment to be ineffective.  After one treatment at Hogan Osteoplus with the Osteopath I immeidately noticed a positive improvement.  I have been delighted with the fast receovery I have made over several treatments, after years of suffering, when I thought I may never recover.  I am so grateful and have been impressed with the positive change.  Thank You.

Jane Salas, Whanganui.

Moana, Aramoho

“I have been working as a Surgeon in Wanganui. Listening and caring for patients post surgery has brought me to the awareness of medium and long term postoperative pain. Accelerated wound healing has been an interest all my career. Laparoscopic surgery has reduced tissue damage. Fenzian treatment has fascinated me as a new modality of treatment and has helped patients with post operative pain.”

Gerard Bonnet (MBChB, MS, FCS), Specialist General and Laparoscopic Surgeon, Wanganui Polyclinic, 163 Wicksteed Street