“Pure long lasting moisture”

Because Footcare & Deodorant has the gel base as Ultra Hydration Gel is has the same moisturizing ability yet contains essentials oils which deodorize, soothe and assist mild fungal infections.

Manufactured from seaweed colloids. Assists in the treatment of dry skin conditions of feet and legs. Leaves skin clean, dry and hydrated, sweat and water can pass in and out.

Double blind studies show that has the ability to deposit large amounts of water onto the skin with a long lasting effect.

RAPID HYDRATION – Hydrates the skin keeping it soft and flexible. Assists in the prevention of cracked dry skin. Maintaining good skin integrity assists in preventing fungal and bacterial infections.

ASSISTS REMOVAL OF DRY FLAKY SKIN – Apply Ultra Hydration Gel or Footcare & Deodorant to moisturise desired area . Even though skin is left clean after application there is no need to constantly reapply. You may assist the removal of dry skin by using a quality skin scrapper to remove the softened dry scales. Then apply Ultras Hydration Gel to help maintain a moisture balance.

TOE NAILS – Softens toe nails prior to clipping. Apply Ultra Hydration Gel (and on the Footcare & Deodorant page put Apply Footcare & Deodorant) onto toe nail. Leave for several minutes for the gel to absorb prior to clippling.

Footcare & Deodorant has a very long lasting effects. Apply twice daily until skin integrity improves then reduce to once every 2nd or 3rd day.

FOOT CARE is pleasant smelling.

A Unique and Economical use . Apply to affected area twice daily until skin integrity improves then reduce to once every second day.

For health professionals refer to Use with Diabetes.
Can be used to moisturize skin prior to paring.

For further information refer to:
Hydrating Factor
Use with Diabetes
Good for delicate skin of the elderly

Packaging options:

120gms / 04ozs
475gms / 16ozs