Black n’ Blue


A unique natural patented marine gel blended with nature’s finest botanicals. Fast working and clean to use ideal for your everyday lifestyle. Use immediately before AND after strenuous exercise.

All Black ‘n Blue may assist in the management of soft tissue trauma, management of sprains, relief of muscular aches and pains. Internationally endorsed – Click Here to see Progolf Health endorsement.

TGA Listed
To provide temporary relief of muscular inflammation, aches and pains.
Temporary relief of the pain of arthritis.
Ideal for everyday lifestyle
Ideal to use with RICE treatment
Adhesive strapping is able to be applied immediately after application
Penetrates deeply for a cool and soothing sensation
Can be used immedately before an important race or sporting event
Not tested on animals
For aggravated old injuries – once swelling has subsided
(3-5 days) you may find Nemidon’s Eze more beneficial

Ideal for your active lifestyle

Use immediately before after strenuous exercise to revitalise and help relieve stiffness in muscles and joints. Use before Sports – Apply All Black ‘n Blue before a gym workout, surfing, golfing, cycling, walking; whatever you activity All Black ‘n Blue can help ease aching muscles making your exercise more enjoyable.

For health professionals:
Compatible with Ultra Sound equipment. Ideal to use with Frictional massage techniques and post manipulation.

Packaging options:

120gms / 04ozs
475gms / 16ozs