• 3NS TEX Tape 5cm x 5m

    When a muscle is inflamed, swollen, or stiff, the space between the skin and muscle is compressed, resulting in constriction to the flow of lymphatic fluid. This compression applies pressure to the pain receptors beneath the skin, which in turn relays discomforting signals to the brain resulting in the person experiencing pain.
    If you stretch the skin of the affected area before application of the tape, the taped skin will form wrinkles when the skin and muscles are back to its normal or neutral position. The wrinkling effect formed by the tape is essential in the effectiveness of the 3NS Taping Method and Technique.

    Since this lifting of the skin increases the space between the skin and muscles, the lymphatic fluid between the skin and muscles moves more effectively. Therefore, the friction between the tissues beneath the skin is decreased due to the promoted movement of lymphatic fluid.

    Due to increased space between the skin and muscle, pain is reduced because pressure on the pain receptors is lessened. The physiological effects of 3NS Tex Tape will enhance the body’s own healing process.

    5cm x 5m

    Tex Tape has the following properties:

    Made from a gentle cotton fibre strip
    Features a 100% medical grade acrylic adhesive
    Water Resistant
    100% Totally latex free
    Does not limit range of motion
    3-5 day wear time to conserve tape and save money
    Creates a lifting effect which improves circulation and relieves pain
    Tension on tape has the ability to relax or stimulate muscles

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  • Product Details
    Relieve Pain Fast
    No Side Effects
    All Natural – Drug FREE
    No interaction with other medication
    Welcome to the home of the ‘World Famous’ Cramp-Stop!
    Tried and tested with 14 years on the market, the original CRAMP-STOP is the world leader in combating acute muscle cramp! CRAMP-STOP is a well-proven formula for rapidly helping to restore normal muscle function in any situation. CRAMP-STOP is designed for acute symptoms at any time – during the night, great for pregnancy and during all sports, yoga and pilates. The testimonies speak for themselves – it is one of the best and most effective products available!

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  • Bayer Ketostix Reagent Strips for Urinalysis. These reagent strips are used for the detection of Ketones in urine. Those with Type 1 diabetes use these to measure ketones intheir urine. They are used to monitor fat metabolism on a ketogenic fat loss system, or any other fat burning regime. Each container contains 50 individual ketostix.

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  • MAXIGESIC is a patented combination of Paracetamol (500mg) and Ibuprofen (150mg), two tried and trusted active ingredients that work together in different, complementary ways to relieve pain (Paracetamol) and reduce fever and inflammation (Ibuprofen) at the same time.

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  • Voltaren Emulgel is clinically proven to relieve acute painful & inflammatory conditions often associated with body aches, joint pains, period pain, migraines, back, neck and shoulder pain. Voltaren also aids in the reduction of swelling from injury whether it be around the home, at work or at play.

    Keep Voltaren Emulgel handy when playing sports for effective relief from sprains, strains, and aches on the field or court. Reduce inflammation and swelling from injuries and provide temporary pain relief.

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