Updated Fees – as of 1 December 2016

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We need to inform you that from Thursday 1 December 2016 we are increasing our fees to reflect the real cost of providing our professional services to you, having held our costs for nearly three years.

We are confident our new fees are very competitive with other providers in Whanganui and beyond.

New Treatment Fees

(Change of Treatment Fees as of 1 December 2016)

Shaun Hogan – Osteopath

Initial Private Consultation                                                           $90.00

Follow up Private Consultation                                                    $65.00

Initial ACC Consultation                                                                $55.00

Follow up ACC Consultation                                                         $40.00

Initial consultations are approximately 45 minutes long and follow up consultations are approximately 30 minutes long.

A $5.00 reduction on all the above fees will apply to all students and holders of Super Gold Cards and Community Service Cards.


Tonia Nesbitt – Massage Therapist

30 minute Massage                                                                         $40.00

45 minute Massage                                                                         $55.00

60 minute Massage                                                                         $70.00

Tonia’s fees are the same whether doing Massage Therapy or Reflexology.

Massage Vouchers are available for purchase for 30, 45 or 60 minutes.


We continue to value your support of our services and look forward to your continued custom as and when needed.


Shaun, Tonia, Philippa and Jennie @ Hogan Osteo Plus

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