Fenzian Treatment Case Studies

Case Study – Post Fracture Pain

A Professional Football player, played his sport for ten years on an ankle that had been broken when he was 12 years old. At the time, the ankle had been screwed together. Unfortunately, it eventually gave way 17 years after the initial injury and he was unable to even put his foot on the ground, due to such severe pain.

Orthopedic surgery had been offered, but rather he looked to the Fenzian treatment system. After three treatments with the Fenzian, he was able to walk again and after further treatments his ankle function had been restored so much that he could painlessly kick a soccer ball around with his three sons.


Case Study –┬áSinus Infections

“Following three years of enduring a cycle of sinus disease Shaun Hogan introduced the possibility of the Fenzian Treatment he provides. I was experiencing sinus infections and antibiotic treatment on three month cycles. Infections would appear, antibiotics were prescribed, the infection would abate and then resurface. This process would take 10 – 12 weeks.

Since commencing the Fenzian treatment in September last year I have not had an infection take hold where antibiotic treatment has been required. In fact, it is not since June last year I was last prescribed antibiotics. My experience of the Fenzian treatment has been very satisfying. I had 2 major sinus operations in the three years before starting the treatment. Whilst I believe these were effective in reducing the discomfort in my sinus I was not able to control the mucus build up and infection in my sinus. I still experience some level of mucus but this has not deteriorated to the point of infection. From my perspective I am confident that the treatment has made a difference to improving my sinus health.”

Andrew Ritchie, 2010