Exercise Room

Hogan Osteo Plus have recently invested in a revolutionary Theraband Wall Station, exercise balls, stability trainers and a range of motion products to aid our clients rehabilitation from injury.

The Theraband Wall Station is the first compact, total body rehabilitation system designed for in-clinic strength training, featuring familiar colours and resistance levels of Theraband clip-connect tubing.This comprehensive rehabilitation system for upper and lower extremities features a multidimensional design with three planes of movement to teach patients the same proven Theraband system of progression they will use at home.

The system also provides a comprehensive accessory package including soft grip handles, extremity straps, and head strap.




The use of this room is available to all of our clients at no extra cost, and has a range of exercise balls and stability trainers available for use as well. The exercise room is also a nice place to stretch and relax, and the floor is fitted out with a firm but comfortable matting.



You are welcome to come in and try out this equipment during business hours.